Miller Park

Last night I attended a baseball game at Miller Park between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates. I had never been to Miller Park before and the game was a great experience although the Brewers lost 3-2. I’ve been vacationing in Wisconsin since I was born and hadn’t thought to go to a Brewers game until last night when I realized the park was only forty-five minutes from where our place is. With the tickets being $15 each, it was a no-brainer.

Of course, we had to go with the bleacher creature seats. The bleachers are, in my opinion, some of the greatest seats in any baseball stadium because they have their own atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Plus, everyone wants the opportunity to catch a home run ball. No park will ever match the atmosphere of the Wrigley Field bleachers but they’re still a great time.

One thing I didn’t like about Miller Park was, similar to Guaranteed Rate Field, it’s surrounded by highways. You can only get there by driving which sucks if you plan on drinking because you need a DD, but it also takes away from the baseball atmosphere that Wrigley or Fenway have where bars and restaurants surround the stadiums. Miller Park starts to make up for the lack of bars and restaurants by tailgating like it’s the Super Bowl. As we approached the stadium after parking, every lane was filled with barbecue grills, beer, hot dogs, and bags. It provided its own unique atmosphere.

After following the bridge that connects the parking lot to the stadium by going over the highway, we entered the ballpark. Immediately your nostrils are attacked by the wonderful aromas of hot dogs, bratwursts, barbecue brisket, and so many other various foods that it was quite astounding seeing how many different options there were. There were so many food and beer stands, you could find something for any taste bud. They even had a full-on taco stand. I must say, their brisket was very good but their brat could’ve been better. I’d still take one from Comiskey over it.

We grabbed our beers and made it to our bleacher seats. I didn’t like that there was an overhang over the bleachers. It significantly limits your chance of catching a home run ball but if you’re under it but you still have a pretty good view of the field and the game. You were still able to see the whole stadium and enjoy the game with a crystal clear view but I like wide open bleachers like Wrigley and Fenway.

The crowd was loud, the food was great, and the beer was ice cold. Overall, it was a good fun experience. For me, having been half-raised in Wisconsin, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Brewers. I’m a die-hard Cubbies fan, I love the Red Sox, but my third favorite team would be the BrewCrew. I would listen to the games on the radio when I was in Wisconsin as a kid and had always wanted to see a game in Milwaukee. I finally got to do it and it was worth it. The BrewCrew put on a good show although they dropped the game to the Pirates. I definitely plan on seeing another game at Miller Park in the future.


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