Chugging along / Title Change?

I’ve been making steady progress on Frigid Nights, averaging a chapter every three days on my first round of edits. It’s mainly grammar and basic fixes, the more intricate edits coming later. I’ve been delightfully surprised that my chapters have actually been pretty good so far in regards to grammar and wording. I imagined they’d be awful when I went to reread them. Usually, after you’ve written what you think is a masterpiece in your adrenaline-induced state, you go back to read it after it’s worn off and find you’ve written absolute trash. I’m happy to say it hasn’t been absolute trash.

I’m considering changing the title from Frigid Nights to Sirens. I think it works better. I’m not a fan of the FN title anymore and it was really just a working title to begin with. I think Sirens better encapsulates the story.

After a few hiccups in my online courses, the final course before the capstone is nearing its end. I’ve completed most of the assignments and mainly have peer reviews left. This particular course is focused on one’s own style. It talks about how some newer writers will actually try to emulate their favorite authors and have a difficult time finding their own voice. I don’t think I’ve ever had that issue. I’ve always written in my own way and haven’t tried to be like any other writer. I’d like to be as successful but I don’t want to be a knock-off of some other storyteller.

After this last course is the capstone where I workshop an 8-15 page story from start to finish, from the first draft to polished final. I’ve decided to write a brand new story for the capstone. Each course up to now has said you can use the little assignments in your final story but I want to write something brand new. I want to challenge myself to do that and see what comes out. I haven’t the faintest clue what I’ll be writing about but I’m sure the pressure will help me whip out something good.

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