On Not Writing Daily

Life gets busy and things come up. You can have the best routine established, it works for you, and you’re able to stay on top of it until one day you realize you’ve been so busy you haven’t written anything in a week or two or maybe a month…

I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there. It happens. You’re not going to be able to write every day despite all the advice you’ve heard about how important it is. It’s just the reality of being a writer. It’s important to write as often as you can but no one is going to fault you for taking a break so long as you get back to it before it’s too late.

I hadn’t written anything in a while aside from a couple blogs before I started my current story. My second novel is still on standby in the editing process. I haven’t worked on my current story in almost five days and despite my plan to work on it this morning, it didn’t happen. However, I’ve come to see that some of these breaks away from writing are needed or if they’re not needed, they’re unavoidable. It can be hard to write every day when you have other responsibilities that need your attention and when your writing isn’t paying the bills, you need to do what does.

Keep to your routines the best you can but don’t hate yourself when you don’t write, just remember why you started in the first place and replenish that motivation to write that had wained prior to your break and get back at it. Too many people stop their creative work because they forget to do it at all and treat it as if it’s not as important as other facets of their lives but let me assure you, it is. You don’t want to be one of those people in the revolving door of life where you get stuck and you transition from living to surviving. Remember why you started, why it sparked a passion in you in the first place, sit your ass down, and write! Or draw, or play your instrument, whatever creative endeavor gives you that dopamine high and get back at creating the work that both you and the world need.

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