Summer is over…

A summer filled with heavy humidity and not much sunlight (for me, anyway) has finally come to a close and fall is here. I love fall in Chicago because the leaves on the trees change to gorgeous shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown, altering the landscape of the city. The cool breeze comes on quickly as it feels like we went from one week of eighty-degree warmth to a chilling forty-degree wisp of chilled air.

Chicago is filled with beauty all year round but when the holidays are here, the city has something about it that changes. The busy streets are still filled but everyone prepares for the cold and the decorations that will soon adorn the city.

And of course, with the fall comes hockey and football season. Two sports seasons that Chicago lives for. Obviously, I’m always biased towards baseball season but since the Cubs and Red Sox are out of the running for the World Series, I’m more than happy to root on the Blackhawks and Bears.


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