18 Nov 2019

It’s pretty nice when you set a daily word goal for yourself, you start writing, and before you know it you’ve double your goal without feeling like you’ve put that much extra effort into it. I set a minimum of about 500 words with the hopes of hitting that goal but recently I was writing and hit 1000 without feeling like I’d written that much. I’d gotten far in my story and felt like I’d made real progress and felt like it flew by.

Dialogue can be difficult to write because it needs to progress the story, put the character’s feelings on display by what they say and don’t say, and it needs to fit the personality of the character speaking. Somehow, most of my 1000 words was dialogue which was surprising to me because I feel I’m not that good with dialogue but much of it was good. It was nice blowing passed that word count goal with ease.


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