New Years Resolutions

Christmas has come and gone. There are three days left in 2019 before it becomes another year of the past. Up next is New Year’s Eve and Day where we celebrate and welcome a new decade as another comes to a close.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. You shouldn’t have to wait until a specific day in the future to start tackling your goals because the New Year is a fleeting feeling that will wear off. You need to get after your goals the moment you set them as goals. No need to wait. Get after it. Tackle your goals now. That “new year, new me” is all bullshit. Set goals, make attack plans, and get after it. I’ve been told it takes two weeks to establish a habit. Establish good habits and cast away the bad ones. Set reminders and alarms. Think you should read more? Set aside 30 minutes a day to read more. Want to write more? Set an hour aside for writing. Do the hardest things first thing in the morning. Get that workout done, 20 pages read, and 500 words written. Start your day on a high note and begin every day already in the green. Constantly hold yourself to high standards. Don’t ask for an easier life, work to be a stronger person.


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