Get After It

It’s a new year and a blank slate. Although I don’t agree with the concept of waiting for a specific date/occasion to begin bettering yourself and tackling your goals (I think you should start the day you recognize them, regardless of what time of year it is), if New Years is what gets you started then I’m good with it.

Set plans for how you’re going to attack your goals each day and how you’re going to get one inch closer each day. Put a task that aligns with your goal at the top of your to-do list each morning so you start your day in the right direction, accomplishing something meaningful right out of the box. For me, it’s writing. I wake up, get coffee, sit at my computer and write. Any task after that is icing on the cake. Make it a habit. Become so set in that habit that it nags you the rest of the day if you don’t accomplish it. That’s how I am with writing and working out because those two things are most important to me in terms of daily tasks. Start off on the right foot and keep the momentum going.


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