Despite the copious amount of time that I have now that was previously taken up with going to restaurants and various venues, I haven’t spent much time writing at all. Aside from my vacation to Tennessee, I haven’t done much although I did make a massive leap in a short story I’ve been working on for a while in crime fiction. I hope it’s realistic, procedurally accurate, and an interesting read but first I need to finish the damn thing!

A few nights ago I decided to carve out some time to write and ended up writing over the hump that many writers come across in their stories and they’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a point in the story where you are in the middle or a bit passed it and can see the ending in the distance but there’s a large portion of the area in front of you that you can’t see and must cross one step at a time. It’s a difficult stage to be in but the only way to get through it is to write through it. There’s nothing else you can do but it can still be daunting so like any daunting, procrastination takes over. After too much time avoiding writing through that part of the story, I overcame. I sat my ass down and started punching the keyboard and before I knew it, I was leaps and bounds closer to finishing the rough draft of the story.

Now, to wrap it all up. It will be done in just a couple more sessions and then the editing begins. The editing won’t be too crazy hopefully and I’ll have some beta readers check it out before I post it here. If you’re familiar with Michael Connelly novels or like crime procedurals, I tried my hand at this genre and hope to provide something as action-packed and enjoyable as Connelly is known for. It’ll be coming soon so be on the lookout!


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