Wow, that’s a lot of 20s…

I haven’t worked on my short story yet since I wrote the last blog but I plan on doing some work on it the moment I finish this blog. This here is my warmup and if you don’t like it well you can just get out. Or click out. Or suffer through my terrible sentences that bare no purpose other than to prepare for my short story.

I don’t have much to update you on as I haven’t done a whole lot since my last blog but I can say I miss the gym terribly. I’ve been doing workouts at home with bodyweight, resistance bands, and running but they get old fast, especially when I can’t do many outside workouts because Chicago’s weather has been bipolar lately. Unfortunately, like many others, I’ve put on a couple since the quarantine but will hopefully be back at my previous athletic state when gyms open back up and when just the weather is better so I can run more. I was close to my goal before quarantine but fell off the wagon when the gyms closed, even my gym at work shut down.

I haven’t been reading as much as I was previously and I think that mainly has to do with the book I’m reading now being nonfiction rather than fiction. I can burn through fiction pretty fast but nonfiction requires a little more attention and it can be hard to push through it at the same pace. I’m currently reading The Big Short which, like the movie, is very good but just like the movie, it can be hard to understand for an outsider who doesn’t know many of the finance and Wall Street terms. They were a bit difficult to comprehend at first because the securities were so complex but eventually, I heard a great explanation and I’ve been interested in finance and the market ever since. I keep wanting to learn more about it so fortunately or unfortunately for me, I have a few more nonfiction reads lined up after this book but maybe I’ll alternate between fiction and nonfiction each time.

When I read a lot I’m also writing a lot. Reading great stories encourages and motivates me to write my own and keep finding the fun in it. I haven’t read a crime fiction novel like the current story I’m working on, but I’m almost done and we’ll see what the next story after that would be. Maybe I’ll finish editing Sirens and go from there. There will be more to come on that title which I’ll do a separate post about because there were some issues there with regards to editing/publishing but I plan to have that novel finished by the end of the summer and the short story I’m working on will be posted/published around the same time so I can get back to my writing goals and keep them aligned with my other goals daily. When I have my daily routine which includes reading, writing, a workout, and a time to learn something, I’m working towards my goals consistently and with determination. I’m getting back to that, slowly but surely.


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