Book Covers & Consistency

I’ve been in the market for designing a new cover for Taking Chances. Unfortunately, so many businesses charge exorbitant amounts for just the basic service. Of course, I understand things like this cost money, but if someone is looking to have a book cover designed it’s because they’re self-publishing. Big publishers have their own cover designers. Self-publishing authors don’t have hundreds and hundreds of dollars to throw at a book cover, especially when so many look like they’ve simply been churned out using a keyword matchmaker and stock images.

I have found a designer that appears to know what I’m looking for and I must say, I’m impressed with what I’ve seen in their portfolio. Taking Chances may finally be getting a professional cover that actually fits the book.


On another note, I’ve been writing more and more of my current story. While it’s got a long way to go before it’s even halfway complete, it’s gone much further than what I originally thought it would be. I’ve been posting chapters to Wattpad, so if you want to read what I have so far, jump on there. It’s all free and you can post feedback directly to the story. I’ve since made some edits to one of the chapters which I have now updated on Wattpad, but it isn’t too drastic of a change.

I’m hoping I can simply stay consistent in writing this one. Frigid Nights is only the working title right now, but if I can keep writing at least a small portion each day, the rough draft can be done by early 2018. I’m trying to keep up with Stephen King when he says a rough draft should take no longer than three months, but then again, all King has to do all day for work is write. Many of us don’t have that luxury, yet. But one day…

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll obviously be posting here, but I’ll be updating Wattpad and if you could please go there and comment on the story and provide feedback, you could help my next story become the best it can be.


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