Having trouble finishing Chapter 5 of Frigid Nights… It’s hitting a wall where I need something to really propel the story forward without adding a tornado or hurricane to the mix. I’ve been posting the chapters, in order, to Wattpad so you can read them whenever you like and it’ll update you when I post them, in case you were wondering.

I want to finish Chapter 5 and then Chapter 6, then I will post 5. That way, I’m still at least one chapter or two ahead of the readers so I can have the next thing in store and keep them coming steadily. It also allows me some time to make any edits or fix any fuck ups before they get to you guys XD. The story is in a spot where it’s between two main points, so I need something to fill the space that leads to the next point but is still interesting and fun to read (and write). It’s coming, so stay tuned!

We got a few new clients so I’ve been busy working on presentations and doing research, but it’s been exciting. Out of nowhere, our business got very busy and with types of clients we haven’t worked with before so it’ll be an interesting journey. Entrepreneurship can be pretty fun when you see things start to look up.

Is there anything specific you’d like me to write about? Like how I go about my writing or books I like to read? Any suggestions that come in via comments or emails I’ll be sure to address! Some interaction would be fun!


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