Chapter Complete/Plans For Writing

After mulling over it, chewing my lip, racking my brain, I finally finished Chapter Nine. I think I did well enough for it being a rough draft. The gist of what needs to be there is there, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe it better expresses what I’m trying to get across than I think it does. If you don’t think it does, let me know so I can make the necessary edits. I can at least edit it now that it’s been written. Read it here:

I’m considering doing a bit more mapping and planning when it comes to these chapters. I typically write as it comes to me and don’t do much planning other than a general idea that I have in mind. With how difficult it’s been to get some of these chapters done, it may be a good idea for me to map out each chapter so they can be easier to actually get down.

I’ve heard plenty of writers do it but I’ve also heard that plenty of writers are against it as well. Seems like a “pick your poison” type of thing. What do you think? Do you plan your writing or do you just have an idea and run with it. There are benefits to both so it can go either way. I think I’m going to give outlining a try. That may allow chapters to get written quicker and easier for me and appease those of you who are impatient as far as reading them goes.

So, I live in Chicago as some of you know. The weather here sucks right now. It’s been snowing non-stop for two days. We have almost a foot and a half of snow on the ground. People around here already suck at driving and this makes it that much worse. It’s supposed to keep snowing today too and as nice as fresh snow is as far as aesthetics go, I’d like to have spring get here so we can have some warm weather and I don’t have to freeze when I leave the house. I’m sick of the snow. I don’t like shoveling three times a day.

I’ll update you more in a bit, but feel free to check out Frigid Nights on Wattpad at the link above. Wattpad is FREE and there are thousands of stories from new writers available and it’s a great place to show support.


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