Chapters of Frigid Nights?

I think some teaser chapters of Frigid Nights are going to be posted on here soon. It’ll give you readers something to enjoy that isn’t my stupid ramblings about nonsense and daily life posts. It’ll also get you so intrigued by what’s to come that you’ll be forced to follow me on Wattpad to read the next chapters or buy the novel when it’s finally complete. Or maybe you won’t do either of those things and you really don’t care but for some reason, you’re here anyway… I can’t really be sure. Anyway.

I started reading some stories on Wattpad and I love and hate it. I love it because it’s a great atmosphere for new and upcoming writers to post to a platform where people genuinely want to read their work. I hate it because in some ways it’s very tumblr-esque and most of the stories are unedited and the mistakes in grammar or the writing itself drive me nuts. I was an English major, mistakes bother me.

I have a tiny following on the site and am attempting to expand it. I’m reading other’s stories and leaving comments and votes on them with the hopes that some will do the same to mine. Unfortunately, it’s actually rather difficult to develop a following on a platform where the people who made it stopped paying attention to work that’s outside of their own, but I guess that extends to all social sites.

I do like posting on here although I’m sure I’d do it much more if you guys actually replied and said stuff. I’m playing catch with a wall in hopes that one day someone else with a glove and an arm catches it. Come on. Don’t leave me hanging.


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