07March2018: Easy Reading = Difficult Writing

Whenever I put a date as the title, just understand that I’m writing something but I have no idea what to title it.

I’ve been out in Arizona visiting family, friends, and enjoying a little vacation for myself. Going to some Cubs Spring Training games at Sloan Park and enjoying one of the greatest sports on Earth. In the Phoenix area, there seem to be more people from Chicago than there are people actually from Phoenix. I went to a Coyotes/Blackhawks back in 2013 and there were more Hawks jerseys than Coyotes jerseys. Phoenix is just a Chicago with warmer weather.

On my vacation, I’ve been working on further chapters of Frigid Nights. All the chapters can be tough and come with their own challenges. The most recent one: have you ever felt a strong emotion that you can’t adequately describe? It’s a strong feeling but you can’t find the words that make that make that feeling tangible. That’s the obstacle I’m having to overcome. And you have to accomplish it because otherwise, the story doesn’t do what it set out to do. It doesn’t work. There’s no sense in writing the story being that the emotions and their effects are the whole purposes of the story.

As a writer, even when I feel that I’ve properly handled them when someone else reads it if they don’t feel how I originally intended or they’re still obscure then I haven’t done it properly. I have to rewrite. I have to ensure that the feelings I want someone to experience as a result of this story or this chapter or this paragraph. It can’t be half-assed, it can’t be touched on, it has to be knocked out of the park. That’s why easy reading makes for difficult writing.


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