GoT and FN

Why can’t the weather here sort itself out? It’s snowing today and it’s supposed to be 70 degrees later this week, it’s ridiculous. I’m finally allowed to wear short sleeves at work so snow isn’t going to get in the way of me and comfort.

So, a close friend of mine has been bugging me to watch Game of Thrones for almost a year now and I kept putting it off. The whole medieval swords and dragons thing really turned me off to the concept of the show until she made me sit down and watch it. I watched the first season in two days and each episode is an hour long. Yeah. I didn’t think I would like it but wow, it is magnificently written. I had tried starting the books in the past but they’re so difficult to read because of the countless characters but when you can put a face to a name it makes it much easier. Now I’m hooked. I get home from work and immediately start the next episode or finish the last.

I’ve been working each day, even if only a little, on Frigid Nights. I’ve been working on the outline so I know what I’m going to write, for the most part, even before my fingers touch the keys while still leaving room for some improvisation. Good stories and coffee will help me complete the daunting task of writing a novel. Stories to inspire and motivate me and coffee to help with the process.


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