18 OCT 2018

I really need to get going on the edits to Taking Chances so the book can be republished through my new publisher. I haven’t had much time to do anything outside of work and PT. By then, my day is practically spent and I still do things for my second job. It’s a bit rough, but I have a good weekend coming up so I plan to take full advantage of it.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when writing a novel is starting a chapter, especially when you aren’t totally sure if you’ve finished the chapter before it. It can be difficult even if you know where you want the story or chapter to go. I just started the next chapter in Frigid Nights and the chapter just before it was a difficult one to write and to end. I’m sure it will change in the editing process but for now, I think it will work well enough to get through the first draft. The chapter I’m currently writing is coming along, although I’ve only just started. It’s not a particularly lengthy or eventful chapter, but writing it so that it still has a purpose in the book is essential and I have to justify it. One thing I need to do is work through my outline a bit more (seeing as I can’t decide how I want the story to end just yet). That could potentially help me to add important parts to this current chapter that will show significance later. My usual 500-words-per-day word count has decreased significantly due to time constraints to where I’m writing about 250 words a week, which is awful. Life can’t be an excuse for not writing because every other person to ever write a novel has experienced similar or worse hardships in their lives and still managed to write the damn thing, so I need to make more time for my writing.

I’ve noticed that when I work the afternoon shift, I write a lot more. I have more time in my morning and I’m able to get more done in the day. When I work in the mornings, I don’t have the energy after work to sit down and write and typically fall asleep or veg out. I put in to be on the afternoon shift permanently next year, but we will see how that turns out. If I get it, maybe I can pump out two novels XD.



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