Author Page with FMP!

I have officially been added to the author page of Forever Morris Publishing! It’s so cool to see my name and face on a website that I didn’t put there XD.

I’ve gotten through the edits for TC that I’ve been given so far and I must say, it does read a bit better. Despite the numerous people who’ve read the book, there were STILL grammar issues and subtle plot issues that weren’t mentioned or noticed until now. There was one major one that went completely unnoticed and it was a little embarrassing. So much for self-editing…

Once the book is completely edited one more time, it will be republished with Forever Morris Publishing and be available through Amazon and hopefully more stores and platforms after that. I can’t wait!

It would be so cool if we ever did a book signing or promotion like that, but people have to read the book first! As far as I know, few people have read it based on the feedback I’ve gotten but I’d love for it to get around more and eventually set the tone for the release of the second book once I’m finished. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead with the goal being to be a full time writer. It’ll take years, maybe decades, but one day I’ll be there.


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