What Motivates You?

Many people get into writing for the fame and fortune of having written the next Game of Thrones or blockbuster book turned movie. I love when people get into it for these reasons because they’ll never last and it makes it easier to see those who write for the love of the story rather than the riches, especially considering the riches are so rare and unlikely. The draw of going down in history as a literary master is also there and could potentially keep more individuals involved, but being a known master takes years and years of dedicated study and practice which will weed even more people out. Those that write for the love of the journey and the story are the ones will continue to write even after they’ve been presented with every reason to quit.

I started writing in school because of assignments. I was always a reader and idolized authors, but as I was assigned to write poems and short stories, I began to see myself as someone who could possibly create one of the novels I so loved to read as a kid.

What really helped is in high school, I wrote a few poems that made their way around the school and I became known as a poet and a writer. I didn’t have this intent, but it was really encouraging to get the responses and feedback that I did. I continued to write. I would sit in my classes and rather than pay attention, I would write more and more poems, averaging about one full poem a day. Teachers and classmates alike enjoyed my work and would let me know. I had always thought I was an average writer like anyone else in my classes until people started telling me I wasn’t. Because of that encouragement, I began to focus on it more and took it up as my craft. I enrolled at creative writing classes at my high school and while we really only had one, I began to take English class a little more seriously on top of it.

On top of taking pride and joy out of being called a writer and being known for it, I also enjoyed the act of it. I enjoyed filling a page with a story, even if it was a short one full of stanzas rather the paragraphs. I took pride in being known for something I had created or had the ability to create, similar to the pride an athlete takes in their ability on the field. My notebook was my field of play and in knowing the rules, I could bend them to my advantage.

I was motivated to create stories and poems that other people would enjoy as much as I had enjoyed my favorite books as a kid. I loved hearing that people enjoyed what I’d created. Since then, I’ve completed a collection of poetry which I self-published on Amazon, wrote my first novel, Taking Chances, which has since been picked up by a publisher after I originally self-published, my second novel first draft is almost complete and will be published with the same house, AND I’ve already gotten great feedback from friends who’ve read both. I’m motivated by my internal desire to create and have people enjoy my creation. What motivates you?


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