How Do You Get Creative?

There are little tips and tricks to get the creative juices flowing. We know many writers who would rip cigs, chug a pot of coffee, or get to the bottom of a bottle before they found their story. Some like to read and enjoy a story to give them ideas on how to begin their own. Many writers stare blankly into their luminescent screens until they begin to hallucinate, seeing words appear on the blank page and suddenly, they find themselves writing.

One thing I like to do is go back to my roots. When I began writing, I wrote a lot of poetry. What I liked about writing poems is that they can be short, long, full of description or very vague. I use poetry to get myself into the literary way of thinking in describing smalls scenes and emotions without dedicating an entire lengthy story to it but can allow my short attention span to prevail and make the most out of little scenes. You can get a nice piece out of it but at the very least it’s a good warm up exercise to get you thinking about emotions, scenes, and descriptions.

Poems don’t require a plot so if you’re stuck on an actual plot line, they may not be all that much help but in reality, the physical act of writing, whether it be punching keys or scribbling on a pad, is what gets your mind to create something. The hardest part about writing isn’t coming up with a plot, a character, or describing a scene. The hardest part is gluing your ass to the seat and getting it done.


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