GoT: My Hopes and Predictions

Game of Thrones’ final episode airs in approximately six hours and there are so many questions to be answered. For those of you who don’t watch GoT, you’re not impressing people by not watching it, you’re missing out. It’s like never listening to one of the greatest stories of our time for the sake of feeling superior to it. Even if you don’t like sword fighting and dragons, the story and the writing will draw you in without a doubt.

Season 8 has been criticized heavily, seeing reviews ranging from best season of all to the worst season viewers have experienced. Some love the eighth season whereas others have created or signed a petition to have the season remade, mainly because people are just upset with how it has been set to conclude. The heroine, Daenerys, that we’ve followed since the beginning has surprisingly, in a turn of events, turned out to be the Mad Queen that so many have thought to be Cersei. Now, in the final episode, we will see if she remains on the throne she’s fought for so long to return to or if another will take the crown. We will finally see if Winterfell will rebel or remain subservient to the throne.

I hope Daenerys dies. After that horrific shit she pulled in episode five, she needs to go. What I thought was so awful about it was that she’s gained her power and influence through freeing the enslaved, protecting the innocent, and allowing people the choice to join her or go on their own way. Once she killed Sam’s father and brother because they wouldn’t “bend the knee,” I knew she was corrupted. She became completely obsessed with her own power and “birthright” to the throne that after finally experiencing what her coldheartedness resulted in, she decided to heat things up and engulf hundreds of innocent people, ruthlessly murder surrendered soldiers, and complete her fall from grace as her thirst for power and the throne shone through the veil of freedom and choice she’d worn up until now. People have betrayed her, sure, but every king or queen has been betrayed at some point or another. But now she’s betrayed all the people who trusted her and believed in her mission of freedom, choice, and peace under her rule. I thought Varys was going to be the one to set things in motion and make way for the right king or queen to rule and I still do.

Jon, although he doesn’t want the throne, I think will end up not in it but choosing the individual who will be. I wanted to believe Arya would be the badass she always has been and kill Daenerys, the new Mad Queen, before riding off into the sunset. But now, I think she will return to Winterfell and be with her family to carry on their legacy and the one she’s created for herself. I think Daenerys will succumb to a successful attempt on her life set in motion by Varys before his death. Jon will return to Winterfell and rule it alongside Sansa. I think Jon will want to have Tyrion, the most cunning and caring person in the show, as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and Tyrion will graciously accept. Now that I’ve seen Cersei die, I’m happy she’s gone and I want to see the Kingdoms flourish without her.

These are my quick predictions and hopes. We will find out soon enough who the ruler will be and how the eight season journey will conclude. I’m not ready for it to come to a close. Are you?


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