My Response to the End of GoT TV Series: Spoiler Alert!

The final episode of the final season has seen its completion and I must say, overall, I enjoyed the ending. Many didn’t like the ending, many felt it was a big let down. I enjoyed the way it wrapped up but definitely take solace in the fact that the books are not finished and that means I can get more out of Tyrion Lannister, my favorite character.

First of all, Dany needed to die. For my reasons behind this, refer yourself to my last post. She strayed too far from her path and was corrupted by her own faulty sense of righteousness. I didn’t see Jon killing her coming. I thought it would be either Arya or one of Varys’ plots that would cause her to meet her demise but I didn’t see it being Jon. Props to you writers, I didn’t see it coming and I enjoyed how that ended. Also, the display of Drogon melting the Iron Throne, showing he understood what Dany’s end goal was and that that goal cost her her life, was awesome. That was an awesome scene.

Bran became the King of the *Six* Kingdoms simply because of one thing: his storyline would’ve been virtually useless if he didn’t. Yeah, the Three-eyed Raven is nice and all but he didn’t add anything to the story. All the history of mankind could’ve probably been located in the books in the Citadel. I mean, the Night King was going to kill him and erase all the history of mankind, but he’d also have to destroy the library of the Citadel if he really wanted to finish the job. Also, everyone had a better story than him and being he was the Three-eyed Raven, supposedly the one putting all these things into place, he said he didn’t want the throne only to follow up with “why do you think I’ve come all this way?” It’s like the writers had forgotten what they’d just written moments before.

Sansa proved her strength and loyalty to the north by demanding it remain an independent kingdom and becoming queen. She was right in not trusting Dany and was the rightful ruler of Winterfell.

Arya leaving to go off on her own was great because she said herself, she’s never been a lady, but she is undoubtedly badass. Since the beginning, Arya’s been such an individual. She’s dedicated to her goals, a hard worker, and a fierce fighter. Arya is the true heroine who slayed the Night King and saved the living from the long winter. What better way for her go than out on her own and find a land she can discover and make her own.

I absolutely loved Tyrion ending up the Hand of the King surrounded by Bronn as Master of Coin, Sam as Grand Maester, Ser Davos, and Brienne with Podric as a Knight. I particularly loved the way they all started verbally attacking each other and quarreling the moment Bran left the room. The wit, the humor, the final seats filled at the table were great. I loved that ending and particularly that my favorite character, Tyrion Lannister, ends up where he should be: advising the new king and using his intelligence and cunning to further the goals of the kingdom.

Jon’s conclusion was not ideal as he ended up returning to the Wall, almost in disgrace as he was sentenced there for killing Dany, but it was definitely a righteous and necessary kill. It would’ve been nice to see Bran grant him a pardon and Jon return home to Winterfell but with Sansa proving herself to be so strong and deserving of the position of Queen of Winterfell, it was only logical that Jon returned to the Wall. I imagine he’ll work his way back to Lord Commander, but he’s the true protector of the realm and its citizens. He united the North, gained allies to defeat the dead, and prevented the reign of the Mad Queen. What more logical place for him to end up than back in his position as a protector at the Wall.

I wanted Cersei to die a more violent death for all the cruelty she was responsible for but knowing she dies being crushed under her kingdom after watching it crumble in front of her along with losing all her children and dying never to fully rule the Seven Kingdoms had it’s own sense of justice. I wanted Jamie to come to his senses and realize she was crazy and possibly kill her, but his loyalty to her, his family, and his death while holding the one he loved was okay. Not all of us can come to our senses, especially when love is involved.

If I’ve missed anyone, maybe I’ll add to this later but for now, these are my opinions and responses to the final episode of Game of Thrones. I loved the TV series and I can only hope I’ll be able to finish all the books and see more from my favorite characters in a land where so much can unfold.


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