Little Update

Just finished editing another chapter of Frigid Nights, soon to be changed to Sirens. After reading this most recent chapter, I was pleasantly surprised to find my writing wasn’t absolute trash. Unfortunately, as being an amateur editor, I don’t know all of what to look for or keep track of.

Almost like when I initially wrote the story, I’m not too good at picking up plot holes and issues. I’ve found some instances where phrasing is off and needs to be reworded. I’ve also found some places where characters fell out of the story when keeping them around would add more to it and some where I should cut them out. These are easier. It’s the plot holes, mix ups, and little details I miss as having been the writer of the story. I’ve had a few people give me feedback but they didn’t provide anything on what should be changed, added, or cut in order to better the story. I’ve gotten generic responses which have been very encouraging and welcomed, but don’t help me address the issues I know I must find and fix.

If you’re interested in being a beta reader, either go to wattpad where I’ve posted Frigid Nights and send me your feedback there or comment here that you’d like to be a beta reader after the first edit has taken place.


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