How to get your creativity flowing

Many writers struggle to get started. The common notion of writer’s block comes to mind. Sitting in front of your computer, staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor staring right back at you, each blink growing louder and louder the longer you go without punching the keys. It can seem pretty daunting and it’ll make you question whether you want to continue with this pursuit of creating stories.

Don’t fret and most importantly don’t quit. There are plenty of tricks to getting this process started. Some may work for you and some may not but it’d be good to give each a try when you need to.

Listen to music. Visualize the movie that plays in your head as you listen to the song. This helps you envision a story and could give you some motivation to write. It may also bring out some emotions that you can express in your writings.

Read a book. Reading can motivate you to write a story in that genre or help you get started with seeing a plot unfold and characters develop. It may also make you envious of whatever published author you’re reading and push you to get on your ass and write.

Watch TV. I don’t mean binge watch some show and avoid writing. I mean watch a show with a great story, preferably a show or movie about a writer, I recommend Californication or Finding Forrester, and use that as motivation. Each time I watch Finding Forrester I immediately want to sit down and write a great story that will become the next great American novel. Californication reminds me that even great writers sometimes have spouts of not writing. It happens, but eventually Hank Moody gets back in front of his typewriter.

Read about a famous writer, genius, or prodigy. Sometimes just learning about the spectacular accomplishments of others can get you started on your way to living a life that results in your own Wikipedia page.

Just type. Punch at the keys and write gibberish. Write whatever you want. Describe the room you’re currently occupying, the drive to work that morning, even the most recent dinner you had. Anything can get you started and in the mode to get the real good stuff flowing.

The way to effectively overcome writer’s block is to write. It doesn’t have to be award-worthy literature. It has to be written. Whatever motivates you to sit down and write, do that. Once you get started with the physical act of writing, it’ll start coming to you and before you know it, you’ll be in such a groove you won’t be able to pry your fingertips away from the keyboard.


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