The Art of Not Writing

I haven’t sat down to write anything creative in nearly a month. I haven’t worked on Sirens (Frigid Nights), I haven’t written a creative sentence, and I haven’t written a blog in a long time. I apologize to those who were holding their breath waiting for the next post, but I needed it. I needed to take a break. I’ve been so busy with work and life that I didn’t feel I could put a worthwhile effort into writing. I have kept reading, I didn’t take a hiatus from that, but I did need to refresh my brain in regards to writing.

I’ve been thinking about stories, novels, scenes, all of it. However, sitting down to start any of it seemed daunting because I’d have small ideas but not much more. I didn’t have much to go on and not a lot of motivation to start. My creativity was drained for a while and hopefully, it’ll return soon. I need to get back into it so I’ll probably be writing some short snippets from writing prompts to get me going.

I hate editing. I’ve said it a million times before but especially with Sirens (FN) because I edited about ten chapters so far and I can see how much I need to do on the plot and characters that it’s overwhelming and the goal of the first edit was just to fix grammar mistakes. However, I’ve taken only two notes on the whole thing so far and their such big important aspects to the novel, I feel I’m too much of a novice to properly tackle them on my own. My publisher for Taking Chances has an editor they used for that novel but they more so polished little bits of it and didn’t actually work with me so I’m not sure how much use that would be. I was going to use the Amazon editing service but it’s my understanding that they recently discontinued it so I’m left with the other “pay to edit” options if I want my manuscript to be any good. I decided I wanted to add more to certain characters and create more scenes to incorporate them and make them more present in the story but I’m not sure how to go about it and when I think about working on it, I don’t even know where to start.

I’m returning to my former writing routine so I AM going to work on finishing the first edit and trim the fat along with strengthening the bones. For those that don’t know, I usually try to write the moment I wake up. I get my coffee, get the sand out of my eyes, and plop down to start punching at the keys. Once I feel mostly satisfied, I work out before work. After work, I veg out with video games or sometimes light reading before I get too tired and slip into unconsciousness.

I have access to Sirens (Frigid Nights) on my phone so I can do little edits here and there when I can. The rough draft is available on my Wattpad account so check that out if you haven’t already. It’s currently ranked #399 out of 1200 in the #Heartwrenching category! Just know, once I finish the edits, I don’t update the Wattpad version. Too much work. Plus, I want you to buy the book! Keep reading and happy writing.


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