Well, after almost a full three years of being published, my close friend finally read my first novel. Three years later, there are still grammar and errors in it which I missed and so did my editor. On top of that, I’ve gotten a new computer and haven’t purchased Microsoft Word for it so I can’t properly edit the files so there’s that. I’m going to have to download the files to another computer with Word because I don’t want to pay the extra $100 to download it and MW online won’t properly format the pages on import (I’ve already tried) so I can’t use that. After publishing that one and always finding mistakes, it’s reminded me to properly edit my book and pay attention to the little things as well as have people read it and specifically pay attention to grammar.

On another note, I’ve got two projects that are passed the rough draft stage and just, once again, need to be edited but I despise editing. I have no idea how people enjoy editing. I like the initial writing and finishing. I hate going back and realizing all the mistakes I’ve made because it makes me feel like the mistakes are never-ending and, like now, I’ll still find grammar and plot mistakes three years later…

I like to use the app Scrivener for my drafts and final compilations of my novels and stories. Initially, I write everything in Google Drive because it saves as I go and I can access it and write from anywhere which I love. It also allows me to edit anywhere when I want to. The only tedious part comes when I have to manually transfer all the separate chapters from Google Drive to Scrivener so the story can be properly compiled. I would write everything initially in Scrivener if I was able to access it from anywhere and if it automatically saved as I go. I’ve learned the hard way both at work and while writing at home that a “save as you go” feature is imperative because I’ve lost plenty of pages thinking I’d saved when I didn’t and then the application crashes or my computer does. USE A “SAVE AS YOU GO” FEATURE!! I can’t stress this enough. Once it’s gone, it’s gone so save it. You’ll thank me and yourself later.

Scrivener is great but it only saves locally to your desktop and there’s no iPhone or Android app with it. It’s strictly a PC app that saves locally. It has a bunch of tremendous features allowing you to take notes, leave comments, and outline chapters all in one file but, once again, you must be at the one computer while doing any of it and must manually save. I’d love to see them go across multiple media and use a cloud system but we’ll see if it gets there.

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