Good stories are hard to come by as a writer

I’ve started working on a new story. It’s going to be a while before it’s finished because I can’t tell if it’s going to be a short short story, a longer story, or possibly get pushed to becoming more. I’ve only just started and am not exactly sure what I want to happen with it, but that’s sort of how my novel started out and I just kept writing with that each day to the point where it was no longer a short story and became my first major work. For this one, I may start posting the chapters on my Wattpad as I finish them. So if you’re interested, you may want to jump over there to see them.

The thing that sucks about writing stories is that some days (actually, most days) feel like you’re trying too hard to make something work. you’re trying so hard to make what you’re writing something good, something worth reading, but every time you read over what you have, it looks like someone through words at a page to see what would stick. You start out thinking what you’re jotting down is good until you look at it again and wonder if what you’ve written makes any sense or if any person other than your mother would say it’s good. Inspiration comes and goes, unfortunately. You can write through the lack thereof and you’ll feel good because you’re writing but you won’t feel too good about what you’re writing.

I’ve been trying and trying to start a new story that I’m passionate about writing. Something where I fall in love with the story itself and the act of writing it. I feel good about writing, but I haven’t felt that the act itself is very productive due to what came of it. But now, I think I’ve found a story that will bring that productivity and passion back out. The inspiration came from a dream I had and it was something that stuck with me. A lot of writers will carry a notebook everywhere they go so that when they have an idea, they can write it down so they don’t forget it. I, however, think that the good ideas stick with you whether you write them down or not. If the concept of the story alone is enough to ensure you remember it, it’s more likely to be a memorable story to read.

On another note, I’m curious as to what you, my readers, like to read on here. Is it just whatever I happen to throw out on here or is there something specific you’d like more of? Any and all feedback is welcome. I want to hear from you!

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