New Taking Chances Cover!

Taking Chances has a new cover! After shopping around and finally finding the right fit, I found an artist who made my first novel a proper cover. It’s going through proofing right now, but it is set to release on all versions of the book starting tomorrow! This finally gives Taking Chances the professional cover and artwork I was looking for. I hope you are as stoked about this as I am. Writing a novel is a great feat and having a book that you’ve written in your hands is a powerful feeling. But having a book that looks like you just bought it off the shelves of a bookstore is even cooler.

I have to get writing to finish my second novel, which is still in progress. It’s got a bit to go and hopefully will turn out how I want it to. But in the meantime, if you haven’t already, go buy a new copy of Taking Chances so you can get the new artwork. They will be available starting tomorrow.


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