I went to Barnes & Noble the other day. I love bookstores and being surrounded by books but B&N has one major issue: everything is so much more expensive than it is online. We all know what happened to Borders… B&N is going to be the next major bookstore chain to fall for two reasons: Few people actually read anymore and their stock is too expensive to be competitive with online retailers like Amazon who offer the books for less including shipping. Like I said, I love bookstores. Unfortunately, too few still stand and it’s going to be a bad day if/when they get beaten by online retailers and eReaders.

Anyway, I purchased the complete tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe. I know, kinda dark. Should’ve bought it around Halloween and maybe it would’ve fit better with the season. But with this book of tales being just $8, I couldn’t pass it up. Obviously, I don’t plan on reading it all in one go. I have to break it up. One tale here, one poem there. Edgar Allen Poe’s stories and poems are absolute classics and while I’m not in college anymore, it doesn’t mean that I can’t still learn from classic literature. Hell, I still read stories out of my Norton Anthology of American Literature from time to time.

I’m currently reading two different books in completely different genres. One is If These Walls Could Talk about the Chicago Blackhawks and their rising from the ashes of Bill Wirtz and becoming an empire under Rocky. Then, I’m reading The Spectacular Now. I’ve seen the movie and I’m not too far into the book, but I know what the story is about. I loved the movie (mainly due to my crush on Shailene Woodley) and so I wanted to give the book a try. I have that on Kindle and the Blackhawks book in print and I’m enjoying having a physical book in my hands. I mainly read The Spectacular Now before bed when the lights are off and I just have the luminescent screen of my Kindle.

On another note, I’m almost done with another chapter of Frigid Nights. And for those who happen to be reading that on Wattpad or those who would like to have a few uploaded on here, they are UNEDITED. Meaning, there may be some mistakes but hopefully nothing too jarring. I do all my editing later on because if I start editing while I’m writing, I’ll never get the damn thing finished. Even my first novel, Taking Chances, was uploaded to Wattpad unedited and the book on there is a lot different than the final print that is currently on Amazon.

Does anyone want me to start uploading the chapters of FN from Wattpad onto here? I’d like to get some responses before I do so that I can be sure it won’t be going to waste.

Have a great day, Merry Christmas and cheers to a New Year!


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