Rewriting A Chapter / Shameless

So I’ve gotten about 75% of the way through Chapter 8 of Frigid Nights and… I don’t like it. I thought I would like it but it’s not turning out the way I want it to and while I don’t think it’s bad, it’s just not hitting the right mood or atmosphere that I need it to. It especially sucks since I’m almost done with it and I may end up scrapping it if it’s beyond repair.

I tend to try to fix things rather than scrap them entirely, but upon rereading the chapter, that may be just what needs to happen. It doesn’t fit too well with the story and seems like a random tangent rather than something that pushes the story forward.

On another note, I’m watching Shameless right now and I gotta get something off my chest. I’ve loved this show since it first aired. Not only for the incredibly story, complex characters, and it taking place in my home town of Chicago, but because of seeing how this family of miscreants manage to get scummier and scummier while building themselves back up. It’s pretty cool. However, I have some grievances.

First, I’m upset that Lip fucked his life up. In a sense. He’s still incredibly intelligent, but at this point he’s an alcoholic that besides knowing he has a problem, doesn’t do anything to get himself back up to where he could/should be. He’s still one of my favorite characters though.

Ian was better when he was dating Mickey. Those two as a couple was hilarious and awesome. Now Ian is all into the LGBT stuff simply because the dude who’s really a chick is a part of it. Ian wasn’t about protesting and causing a scene before. He was about being who you are, not shoving it in someone else’s face. I liked the old Ian where he did his thing and didn’t let others hold him back. Now it just seems overboard in a militant, in-your-face type of way.

They’ve all seemed to fall off the deep end in some way. I do, on the other hand, like seeing Frank as not a total scumbag and seeing Fiona make something of herself. But as far as the show goes, they’re the only ones who’s story lines I’m actually enjoying now. End Rant.


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