Finished the Trouble Chapter

After a hard-fought battle with both writer’s block and the struggle to find the right storyline, I finally finished Chapter 8 of Frigid Nights. I must say, it was tough. The original chapter I had written didn’t fit my story well and was lacking in some areas. This new chapter, I think, keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next. Of course, it’s going to need some tweaks to make it perfect, but the gist is there.

The issue I had trouble tackling was writing an intriguing chapter, one where the action was interesting, but the lasting impact of the outcome can be seen affecting the main character and fit into the rest of the story where the reader can see its impact on his life. It couldn’t have been an easy thing to recover from, so it was difficult to create a passage that was enthralling but also would engrave the effects into the reader. Not an easy task to attack.

As I’ve said before, when I upload these chapters to Wattpad, they are not edited and fine-tuned. They are rough drafts of these chapters that I believe will keep people reading them and make them look forward to the next one. If I was editing each and every one of these chapters before I posted them, you’d be reading maybe one a month, if that. I chose my featured image for a reason. You can edit a shitty page, but you can’t edit a blank one.

Yesterday, to finish the chapter that had been giving me so much trouble, I sat down with the intention of finishing it, no matter how long it took. I sat at my desk, punching at my keyboard, stopping only to chug my coffee. After almost four hours, I was able to say the rough draft of the new chapter was finished. I’ve learned that for me if I attempt to edit as I go, the book will never get finished. Once I have the entire rough draft done, then I will begin editing. That’s just how I work. For editing, by the way, the Hemingway app works wonders for shortening your sentences while maintaining meaning and cleaning up your work overall.

What do you think of me posting chapters of FN on here? Would you read it? Let me know! Interact with me here a bit people!


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